Income Producing Tasks and The Fluff!


Think about everything you can do in your business that would contribute to bringing money into your bank account.

The most important thing is 'Building Your List!

* Running split tests to see which one attracts more opt ins.

* Doing direct email campaigns.

* Weekly newsletters to your list with upsells in it.

* Writing sales letters for a particular offer or campaign.

* Going to meetings and industry seminars to make contacts.

* Sending Joint Venture offers to people on the Internet.

* Putting ads in the paper or online e-zines and comparing the results.

* Making follow up phone calls or emails to prospects that have not yet bought.

* Putting on your own teleconferences or webcasts.

* Getting reciprocating links to your website.

Etc, Etc, Etc!

Now lets look at all of the things that are 'essential' to your business but aren't as important as bringing in the money.

* Organizing your desk and papers, again.

* Flicking through training manuals and not filling in the Action Steps.

* Surfing the net for hobbies not listening to tutorials.

* Waiting for everything to be exactly right, like having business cards or logos.

* Watching what other people are doing instead of working on your own business.

* Rewriting the training material after having found a few spelling mistakes.

* Creating products for months and months without testing if there's a market.

* Organizing the business and tax structure before there is an income coming in.

We've All Done It!!

When I first started in business I was rewriting my newsletters and web pages first by hand, then again into the computer so that it would "Help Me Learn It".

All I was doing was delaying having to take action, and if there is anything I have learned is that Massive Action is the only thing that counts.

As Zig Ziglar says "If you wait for all the lights to turn green before yougo to town, You'll never leave the house."

Business will never be perfectly right but what really matters is that you get into the game for real. Make some mistakes and spend some money on further education so that you have all the ammunition you can get to become successful.

True Entrepreneurs ask themselves "How Can I?" Not "Why Can't I?"

Focus on what matters the most and that is bringing money in the door. The rest can wait.

Become obsessed with your business and look at every person you meet as a prospect.

You'll find customers in the most unlikely places.

Tamra Forde
Director of Marketing
Freedom Business Opportunity


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