Why Should I Buy your Book?


How would you like to have countless people clamoring for your books and willing to visit your Web site to buy them?

Most entrepreneurs wait until their Web site is designed before they think about marketing their products on it. What a shame!

When someone asks you about your book, maybe you've said, "My book is about?." You mention the features such as tips in a book or your story. Your story may be too long and bore your prospective readers. These mistakes will turn your prospective buyer off. What they want is a quick billboard visual of your book--your 30-60 second "tell and sell."

Without your "30 Second Tell and Sell" that strongly states the main benefit, audience, and what makes your product unique, you will bore your visitor and lose that attention you need to entice him or her to take out their wallets and pay you on the spot.

Your "tell and sell" gives your book audience a reason to buy. The "Tell and Sell" is the shortest sales letter you will write. You can also use this one to two-sentence blurb at any business meeting or appointment where you only have a few seconds to impress. Speakers refer to it as an "elevator speech."

It's Not the Book, It's the Hook!

It's best to know your sizzling title, unique selling points, preferred audience and benefits before you put words to paper, before you even write a single chapter. But, even if your book is already out, you can still motivate endless book sales with your "tell and sell." Be prepared to write five to seven versions until the best one emerges. And, remember your "tell and sell" must be clear, compact, compelling and commercial.

How to Build your Bullet Proof Tell and Sell

1. List your title. For instance, "Write Your EBook or Other Short Book-Fast!"

2. Add your major audience and benefits after you say the title.

Example: "Write your eBook..." offers authors and small business people short cuts to design and market your top selling book so you can share your unique useful message with the world, become known as the savvy expert, and make consistent, ongoing top money each month.

3. Add a sound bit that will help people connect easily with your book. Compare your book to a famous one. Call it a companion piece to a famous author's top title. Your potential buyer will want your book because it is in good company.

"Write your eBook" picks up where Dan Poynter's "Self Publishing Manual" leaves off. It's the nuts and bolts you need to market and design and fast-forward write a book that sells.

4. Put them all together, they spell your own "tell and sell" that you memorize with enthusiasm and share with everyone next time someone asks you, "What's your book about?"

Final example: "Write your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!" offers authors and small business people like you short cuts to design and market your top selling book so you can share your unique useful message with the world, become known as the savvy expert, and make ongoing top money each month. Recommended by Dan Poynter, it picks up where his "Self Publishing Manual" left off.

The Big Benefits of Owning your "tell and sell"

When you know your "tell and sell" before you write your book, you'll be marketing while you write. You will give your audience so much more. Your book will be much improved because you will write more organized and focused copy making it easy for your buyer to understand. Every chapter will prove your "tell and sell." You will also write faster, because with focus, you'll need far less edits and rewrites.

Knowing benefits sell, you now can be ready when you meet anyone anywhere with your book's "tell and sell."


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