To Personalize Or Not To...That is the Question


If you are really interested in conducting a successful, effective email campaign, you need to personalize your messages.

One solution is Mail It Safe, a new email messaging solution that sends confidential, critical email with automatic personalization (the recipients first name). Secondarily, Mail It Safe also tracks your emails, with real-time reporting of when your email was opened, how long it was read, as well as any attachments.

You can only use it for a maximum of 50 email addresses, a spam precaution.

But don't overdo it? as with anything, you can overdo a good thing and it will bite you in the butt :o)

If you have opt in subscribers, many times they either don't give you their first name in the signup form or email link, or a fictitious one. So instead of your email message looking like:

Hi Bob,

It might look like, "Hi Reader" or "Hi Prospect"

Another point is to not put the first name in subject line. It looks too phony and hypy. Especially if you say, "Hi Bob" in the subject line, they will think its from family or friends and will be angry when they find out its not.

Use personalization, but be careful.

Dan Farrell is the publisher of "Effective Email Marketing...Do's & Don'ts". You can get a free copy with a free Mail It Safe Trial.

For a limited time, Dan is offering a free trial of Mail It Safe! This software sends secure, encrypted email with real time tracking. Know if and how long your email was read.


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