Ten Ways to Market Your Business by Doing What You Love To Do


Most business owners get so involved in the work of the business that there never seems to be enough time to do the necessary marketing. Even when business is good the owner must continue marketing because if he/she stops, the business eventually will stop too. Marketing your business simply means to nurture good relationships with your customers and potential customers so that they will buy from you again or they will refer you to others. Think about the kinds of things you enjoy doing and then use those activities in your marketing efforts. It is a great way to leverage your time.

1. If you like to do public speaking then let association and club program chairs know that you are available to speak. Invite your customers and potential customers to come to hear you when it is appropriate.

2. If you like to write, write a newsletter, book, article etc and distribute it to your prospects and customers.

3. If you like to dine at special restaurants, invite a client or strategic partner to join you.

4. If you like sporting events (baseball, football, tennis etc.) invite your prospect to watch a game with you.

5. If you like the theater or concerts, invite a prospect or client to go to a production with you.

6. If you have a strong feeling for a particular nonprofit and they have a benefit, invite a client or clients to join the festivities as your guest.

7. If you like to participate in a sport (golf, tennis, sailing) invite your client or prospect to participate with you.

8. If you like to entertain in your home, have a dinner party, brunch, or cocktail party for clients and prospects.

9. If you like to teach, run a workshop for prospects and clients to teach them something.

10. If you are someone who likes to do volunteer work, invite prospects and clients to work with you. (Houses built by Habitat for Humanity might be a great place to work on a project together. There are other nonprofits that give you an opportunity to work on a day or half day project.)

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