4 Steps To Increase Your Job Sign Marketing


It's no secret that using a job site sign can be an effective way to market your company's services to neighborhood homeowners. But most job sign marketing isn't done as effectively as it could be. Here are four tips for getting the most out of your job sign marketing:

Do It. Most home improvement contractors post a sign when they've got them, when they remember, or when working on a really nice project. This defeats the whole purpose. Every job, no matter how big or how small should get a job sign. Consistently displaying your company's sign, like all forms of marketing, brings in higher returns and helps to create brand awareness. Create a system that ensures your signs are getting out (and coming back) when they should.

Make Sure Your Job Sign Has A "Take-One" Box. Do you know what a take-one box is? Maybe you've seen them on real estate "for sale" signs. A take-one box is just a simple container, attached to your job sign that allows you to provide written promotional material to interested neighbors. Sometimes they're called "info tubes." You can insert a flyer, letter, brochure, business card, reference list or any other promotional piece you want in the tube. Then, interested neighbors driving by, walking the dog, or taking junior out for a stroll can stop and instantly get your marketing piece. This provides an immediate, non-threatening method for getting your marketing material into a prospect's hands. Do neighbors really stop and take the info out of the box? They do. Most neighbors are very curious about what's going on in their neighborhood. You'll find your take-one box will empty quickly so be prepared to refresh the box often. Info tubes and take-one boxes are available at most sign stores and home improvement centers.

Make the sign visible to traffic from both sides of the street. This usually means using a double-sided sign. This increases the cost, but it's worth it. You'll get drive-by visibility from both directions of traffic.

Don't be afraid to invest a few bucks in good, quality signs. When done properly job sign marketing provides an impressive return on investment.

Have one of our marketing consultants contact you in getting you the most inexpensive and lead generating solution with your next job sign.


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