Trade Show Promotions That Are Memorable


If you have been to expos and trade shows as an attendee like me you would be familiar with the exciting prospect of carrying home a heavy plastic bag of trade show promotions, the end result though is usually the trade show promotions end up down the back of the couch, on the floor or in the bottom dusty drawer of your desk, hopefully reading this article on tradeshow promotions, your gift to clients and prospects will not share the same fate.

Your tradeshow promotions will need to be carefully chosen to both compete with your competitors and retain the attention of the reciever after the event. Remember you will have competitors whose tradeshow promotional items will outshine and outprice yours, but yours must last longer and be utilitarian.

Every unimaginative booth holder, and statistically this is about 70% of them offer the most unexciting trade show promotions to prospects, usually a pen or a keyring with thier imprinted contact details on it.

It needn't cost you more to be creative with your choice of tradeshow promotions, if most of your competitors are giving pens then you should make your tradeshow promotional items a pen holder with imprinted contact details on it, your prospect will load his pens in it at his work desk or home study desk and your giveaway will be imprinted on his mind nearly every day.

Think outside the square, your trade show promotional products should be a surprise to the customer, a pleasant surprise is memorable, another pen goes straight in the bag with the other nine, your trade show promotional products should be hidden from sight, so as the giving of it should be an event and the prospect should have no forewarning of it and spoil the surprise of it's novelty.


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