The Top 10 The Top Ten Signs That Your Marketing Message Needs a Facelift


Is your marketing plan dull, flat, and downright boring? Is it lacking the zest and appeal which can penetrate the consciousness of your buyers? If so, you may be driving away folks who could easily buy your products or services. If so, these ten signs from The 90 Day Marketing Marathon Blunders from A to Z: B is for Boring will support you in raising your awareness of what drives folks away and tips on how you can create a message which will catch fire in the market place.

1. It's all about you.

Folks are not interested in you and your accolades. They want to know what you can do to solve their problem of the day. Drop the focus on you, and turn the spotlight on what is important to your buyer.

2. It is filled with details and research.

People are bogged down in details and statistics. They are much more interested in buying from someone who shares their personal experiences and who is willing to build an open and honest relationship.

3. It lacks action-oriented words.

People love to buy Nike products, because the words "Just Do It" communicate action. By using words such as run, dance, live, sing, move, or play, you will get your potential clients moving, excited about buying your product or service.

4. You have nothing new to offer.

People are bored with the same old same old. Put yourself on the bleeding edge of your profession by taking advantage of the new tools and resources which are out of the norm. (Example: In Coaching, we take advantage of modern online survey tools and blogging tools which breathe new life into our businesses.)

5. Your message drips of "neediness."

If your marketing message is focused on "sell, sell, sell," you will send the message that you are needy, which will drive customers away. Communicate your willingness to provide value, and you will develop raving fans.

6. Your message lacks "color."

An advertisement can be delivered in black and white, still have "color," and paint an amazing picture. Use powerful words which will grab the attention of your potential customers such as discover (suggests excitement), proven (sends a message of peace of mind), and savings (everyone wants more money and more time).

7. You are marketing on the surface.

People buy based on emotions. If you are selling shampoo, don't just sell shampoo...sell beautiful hair. If you are selling heating and air units, sell comfort and warmth. If you are selling a vacation, sell a luxurious day on the beach and romantic walks under the stars.

8. It lacks your personality.

Even if you are selling widgets, folks want to know who is selling the widgets. Why? Because they want to know you can be trusted to deliver as promised. Use fun photographs and life stories so that your buyers can get a closer look at your life. The connection you will make will be unforgettable.

9. Your message lacks "added value."

Studies show that people will buy if the value perceived is worth the investment. If you are charging nickels and dimes for small extras, you will quickly drive buyers away. People who "nit pick" over incidentals are often considered to be "uptight" and "inflexible." Yawn!!! Drop the nit-picking, and over deliver by adding extra value. Folks will love you for it!

10. You are playing "Follow the Leader."

People want to buy from people who are leaders. Be bold and unique in what you stand for in your business, and make this known on your website, in your brochures, and in the articles you write. You will position yourself as someone who is unique, confident, and someone who is worthy of trust.

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