7 Quick Marketing Tips To Uplift Your Profits


1. Publish an ezine.

Your ezine will help you to stay in touch with your visitors, sell your products, and promote affiliate programs you've joined to your subscribers.

Get more people to join your ezine by offering a bonus for subscribing to your ezine such as an ebook, email course, an ad or access to your membership site.

2. Publish testimonials.

Your testimonials will help you to get more of your visitors to purchase your product by showing them how your product has helped other people.

In addition to posting testimonials for your product on your site, also post testimonials for your ezine to get more of your visitors to sign up.

3. Write articles.

Your articles will help you to successfully promote your business or ezine through your resource box at the end of your articles.

Promote your articles by submitting them to article announcement lists and article directories.

Also search ezine directories for ezine publishers who would like to receive article submissions.

4. Track your advertising.

Tracking your ads will show you which promotions work best and also help you to save money by showing you which promotions don't pay off for you.

5. Stand behind your product by offering a money back guarantee.

Your guarantee will help you to get more of your visitors to purchase your product by taking the risk off of them.

6. Offer an affiliate program to your visitors and customers.

View your affiliate program as a partnership between you and your affiliates, and provide your affiliates with promotional items that they can use to begin selling your products as quickly as possible.

For example you could provide them with different size banner ads to place on their sites, sample ezine ads, sample recommendations, and email courses.

If you write articles you could also let your affiliates publish your articles with their affiliate URLs in your resource box.

7. Publish an affiliates newsletter.

Your affiliates newsletter can help you to share with your affiliates tips and strategies they can use to successfully promote your products.

Your affiliates newsletter can also keep your affiliates up to date on any new sales and promotions you have going.

In addition, your affiliates newsletter can announce to your affiliates when you have a new product or products that you are offering that they can earn commissions on by promoting to their subscribers or visitors.


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