Make Use of the Signature Line in Your Email


Think about it, how many emails do you send out every day? How many of these forwarded jokes, pictures, stories etc do you receive every week?

Why not put your email to work for you?! Add a link or two to your signature file. Mine looks something like this:


I am a Work at Home Mom Wannabe


You get the idea. You can start as simple or as fancy as you'd like. You do want to get your readers attention though. Make a statement, ask a question. If you'd like, offer something free. A free coupon if they place their first order etc.

You may also want to change your signature around a little from time to time, particularly if you email the same people a lot. Never miss an opportunity to display your links though. You never know whensomeone's situation or circumstances change and all of a sudden, they may be interested in what you have to offer, be it a product or a business opportunity.

Right now, a lot of people that I email on a daily basis may not be interested in www. wahmwannabe. com. But what if one of them just found out she is pregnant and is all of a sudden considering starting a business from home. I may not know about it for a while, and she may not want to tell me, but the link is there.

The idea is to get as much exposure for your business as possible. Maybe one of your friends has a slow day at work and clicks on one of your links out of boredom and ends up making a purchase.

You may also want to consider all the funny stories, pictures, jokes etc. that inevitably end up in your inbox. Imagine, if you just forward them to 5 people, who forward them to 5 of their friends and so on. All of a sudden your signature links have to potential of reaching hundreds of people.

To make this even more effective, take it a step further and add your link right above the story, joke or picture, with a little "brought to you by www. your-url. com." Spend a few minutes today setting up your signature line, or if you already have one, make sure your links are working and come up withsome fun lines to go along with it.

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