5 Tips To Create A Kick-Butt Mini-Course That Pulls In Thousands of Rabid Subscribers... in a Flash!


One of the fastest ways to develop, build, and grow your ownlist of subscribers is to develop a "mini" course with anincredibly compelling promise.

I have personally used "mini" courses to build lists ofseveral thousand subscribers in as little as a week.

A "mini" course is simply a series of e-mail's where youteach people a specific skill, set of skills, or revealother information they really want to know.

In the process of providing this focused, valuableinformation, you prove to your subscribers that you are THEexpert in a particular area - and, you also encourage peopleto pay you to get even BETTER information from ebooks andinformation products you've either written or recommend.

An example of a "mini" course offer I've used with greatsuccess is the free mini course at www.7dayebook. com thatappears in the exit pop up window when you leave the site. The promise of this "mini" course is strong and compelling. Here's what it says...

FREE eBook Mini-Course

"How to Write and Profit from your own eBook... while you're still young enough to enjoy it!"

All the registration page asks for is first name and emailaddress... and this mini-course has generated thousands ofsubscribers!

So here's the basic formula in a nutshell:Strong promise+ low risk+ high perceived reward= Subscribers

Now, if you'd like to build your own list of rabidsubscribers, here are 5 sure-fire tips for creating a mini-course that truly kicks butt!

Tip #1 - The Promise

If you want to launch a successful mini-course, target anaudience with a specific need and then make them the biggestpossible promise you can deliver on.

People are pressed for time and rarely see as much value insomething they get for free as opposed to something they paya lot of money for.

Add to this the fact that the Internet gets more and morecrowded everyday and you can see that the best offers arethe ones that grab people's attention by making a benefit-driven promise they can't resist.

Even though you offer your mini-course for free, you stillmust SELL people on WHY they should pay you with their timeand attention.

Example: If you want to do a mini-course on real estateinvesting, look for the biggest and best promise you canmake for people.

Let's look at these various promises for identical mini-course content:

Good: How to make a fortune in foreclosures.

** The promise you make has everything to do with whether ornot people sign up. IMPORTANT: After they sign up, make sureyou deliver on the promise.

Tip #2 - Don't reinvent the wheel

Look for existing content - your own or other people's - youcan adapt directly or indirectly into the mini-course.

Hey, I understand you're busy... I'm busy too!

Why would you want to spend 2 days coming up with all thecontent for your mini-course if you already have pastinformation you can adapt!?

If you don't have any existing material, then find someoneelse who has written an article and use that for part ofyour mini-course - with their permission of course.

You'd be surprised at all the pieces of the puzzle that areout there independently which you could combine into a greatmini-course without nearly the mountain of effort you mightexpect.

Tip #3 - Give yourself lots of chances to make money

One way to build more value into your mini-course and makesure people hang onto your messages instead of deleting themis to put lots of quality links into your mini-course.

This allows people to get additional information on specificaspects of the mini-course.

Some of those links can be to free resources, others toresources where you earn an affiliate commission, and stillothers to your own products and services.

The more links you have that actually contribute to yourstudents learning the subject of your mini-course andfulfilling the promise you made to get them to sign up, thebetter your chances of them clicking those links.

If you create lessons people save for future referencebecause they have great links in them, you'll make moremoney!

For an example look no further than your "in-box"! Almosteverybody has email messages they've saved from other peoplebecause they contain links to sites you want to use now oraccess in the future.

Tip #4 - Build anticipation for the next message

If you're going to take the time to put together the mini-course, wouldn't it be great of the majority of people whosubscribed actually read your messages!?

If you want to launch a successful mini-course, you've gotto rise ABOVE the noise of all the other email messagespeople receive every single day.

One way to do this is to always end each lesson with a small"ad" or excitement builder for the next message. You do thisby really playing up a big benefit they'll receive as aresult of reading the next message you promise to send them.

Here's an example:

"The next and final installment in this mini-course willgive you five tips for how to get 10,000 visitors to yourwebsite without spending a dime on pay-per-click traffic! Sostay tuned for the next lesson in 2 days..."

It's a simple, yet very powerful way to build anticipationfor the next message into EVERY message you send.

This simple step helps make them look forward to the nextmessage so it gets read... not trashed!

Tip #5 - Tell them what they don't know!

If you're using the mini-course to promote a product thatcovers a much "bigger picture" of the topic as a whole, constantly remind people that the mini-course is just a"tiny piece" of the whole product.

Remind them of what else they need to know and tell them ifthey buy the product then they'll get this benefit, and thatbenefit, and even more specific information.

Remember, you didn't publish this mini-course to practiceyour typing skills! You are in this to make money, to getsubscribers, and to make sales!

Once you deliver quality content that gives people a realtaste of what's in store when they actually purchase, thenit's time to close the sale... you deserve it!

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