The Lone Wolf is Blind


When Advertising, it's not always better to be the lone wolf.

Before using a certain medium to advertise, consider those that went before you. If you are thinking of advertising in a newspaper for example, consider how many of your competitors are in the same paper. If you don't see any competitors at all, there may be a good reason for it.

Don't think for one moment that your the first guy to think of using this particular medium to advertise. It is remotely possible you are but chances are slim you'd be the first person to pioneer this advertising path.

I think of this psychology much like the feeling one gets when passing a slot machine. Hmmm... no one else is playing this one, I think I'll give it a try, man oh man, it is calling my name. Even in the world of gambling, the smart players go where the machines are known to pay off more often.

A perfect example is motorcycle dealers. You will find that despite the competition, they tend to show up in the local "everything used for sale" paper. In Michigan, it's called the "Trade n Times". This paper comes out every couple of weeks and lists everything from sewing machines to homes for sale including used motorcycles. Why do the dealers choose this paper? Because they know that most of their client base sell their used bikes here first while they begin to look for a new one. And the reality is, they wouldn't keep paying the money to be in this paper if it didn't earn them a return on their investment.

One really exceptional strategy I use when looking to advertise in a new market is to actually call people advertising in it to see if it is working. Of course I look for someone in a non-competitive business and have discovered they are generally willing to help with an honest assessment. Often times this conversation puts us on the same level "from one entrepreneur to another" and opens up a networking opportunity for me as well.

This brings up a few other thoughts including my favorite - parasite marketing. Read about that on my website.

The moral of the story is, the lone wolf may be alone because he's too ignorant to find a pack or he's blind. All too often inexperienced marketers will try a bunch of different avenues and like rolling dice, hope to get lucky. Your safest if you go with the flock in the beginning, advertise where the competition advertises and then as you begin to make some money try the waters elsewhere.

The Lone Wolf is Blind
by Lemonade Stand Simple Author & Small Business Coach Dan Nichols

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