Marketing - The One Marketeer


I'm regularly asked to speak to people, that have eitherjust started a business or have been going for some time. Somany of these people are absolutely brilliant at working "intheir business" but not so good at working "on theirbusiness" In other words; they're good at making the productor providing the service but they're not so good at findingnew customers and generating more sales.

Like them, you may not be too keen on making cold calls andselling your product or service but you DO need newcustomers and lots of them. You might be thinking - "I havecustomers and as long as I keep them happy things will beokay." However, I hate to tell you - but no matter how goodyour product or your service is, you will lose customers. They'll either leave the area; they'll die, they'll go outof business themselves or just decide to deal with somebodyelse. So you need to find new customers just to stand still.

However that's not why you're reading this - you don't wantto just stand still you want to find lots and lots ofcustomers. To do that - you've got to get in the rightmindset; you've got to think like a successful -"Marketeer."

You need to think about #1 - Your Target Market; who do youwant to do business with and what is the best way to makecontact with them. Think about your existing customers andthink about how and why they do business with you. #2 WhatProblems do your customers have; what challenges do theyface that could be solved by your product or service? #3What Solutions do you offer; how will your customers benefitfrom dealing with you? #4 How can you Prove what you do;what evidence, references testimonials can you produce toinfluence a prospective customer. #5 What is it that you dothat's Different; what is your unique selling point thatdifferentiates you from other businesses.

Every day you need to allocate time to marketing yourproduct or service. DO NOT fall into the trap of saying -"I'll do it tomorrow, I'm too busy today." Overall, you needto spend about 20% of your time on marketing. There are many failed businesses that had a fantasticproduct or service. However the majority fail because theydidn't spend enough time marketing. That is not going tohappen to you because you are "The One Marketeer."


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